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What is JIOFI.LOCAL.HTML ? This is a default ip address of different types of routers. JIOFI.LOCAL.HTML  is usually used to open jiofi router’s admin panel. Admin panel is a routers configuration panel through this panel you can manage your jiofi router[‘s setting. If you want to change your jiofi routers password then you should have to open this admin panel.


HOW TO LOGIN TO http://jiofi.local.html/?

As we know jiofi.local.html is admin panel of jiofi routers. However, if you dont know to login into jiofi.local.html admin panel then follow the following steps.

Step 1 : First you have to open admin panel of your router for this type ip or jiofi.local.html into your browsers url bar or click on below link.

jiofi.local.html admin

Step 2 : Now admin panel will open in your device browser, now you have to login you can login with default username and password. Most of routers default username and password is “Administrator” so you can login into admin panel with this username and password.

Step 3 : So, now you can manage your routers all settings and you are able to change your router password and ssid name.


Most of yours ip address is a if this is not open in your device then probably your routers ip address is different. So, how you can find what is ip address of your router for this you have to follow the following steps.

Note : This admin panel only open in connected devices so before opening admin panel first you have to connect your router with your device. Well, check how you can find your routers default ip address to open admin panel dashboard.

  1. First open the command prompt into your windows pc or mac. For this, type cmd into program search bar of your pc.
  2. Type “ipconfig” command line into command port.
  3. Check the result,  your router ip address will appear.

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