Has your phone broken down? Do you want to run your apps and other services on your PC? If these questions keep popping up in your head, then you are surely at the right place to get them answered. We are going to tell you the magical way you can turn your Windows PC into an IOS device!

Many people must have heard about emulators and simulators that can run a virtual android environment on your PC. But have you ever heard about the ones that give you the operating system of iOS? This is mainly for those users who want to make use of an emulator to run an iOS environment on their systems.

iOS users have a separate fan base, and some people just love this operating system. If you are not able to afford an iOS device because of it being price but still want to have the fun of its system, then you can surely use the iOS emulators for pc we are going to list for you.

Here, we will provide you with knowledge about emulators and will also discuss the benefits of the same. We will even be mentioning the 10 best iOS emulator that you can download for your Windows PC to get the best iOS experience! So, without any further wait, let’s get into the discussion!

What is an emulator?

An emulator can be a specific hardware device or a software program, that is used to run a particular software on a host computer system. In general, what an emulator does is that it imitates the functioning of that software or program on your computer system without you having to interact with the other system.

An operating system is also a software, and an emulator can imitate the working of an OS on your host system as well. While using an iOS emulator, the emulator creates the environment of an iOS device on your system without you having to interact with that device.

Emulators thereby help you to access and use specific programs and applications that might be exclusive to that particular OS, and this is one of its prime features.

Emulators VS Simulators: How do they compare?

While on a rough comparison, both emulators and simulators do the same work, there is a big fundamental difference. Simulators can only run certain apps for particular software without making any virtual environment for them.

On the other hand, emulators create a virtual environment for your system, thus allowing the operating system to behave as if it was an actual iOS device. This will enable you to download any app or software that is available for that particular operating system and run them with better performance.

Also, with emulators, you get to have a lot of variety and choices according to your system needs which are not possible in the case of simulators.

Benefits of an Emulator

Using a mobile-based operating system on a Windows PC certainly has some added benefits. Some of these are:

  • You get to have the added usability of a mouse and a keyboard which enables ease of use.
  • You get to have a better performance in comparison to a mobile device as you are using the operating system on PC hardware.
  • Testing apps becomes easy on an emulator because of the advantage of better hardware.
  • You get to have the experience of an OS free of cost.
  • They don’t take up much space on your computer system and are compact.


10 BEST iOS Emulators for Windows PC


When talking about emulators, one thing that most of the people get most confused with is the sheer number of different emulators they get to have online. Choosing the one that gets the work done for you is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Here, we will be listing the best iOS emulator for PC that you can download and use to have that smooth iOS experience.



Smartface is one of the coolest iOS emulators for PC available on the internet. The emulator comes with several powerful features that make it the prime choice for most of the users. The emulator is also secure when it comes to accessing many third-party applications.

Smartface also offers you a clean interface that is easy for most of the users to get used to. It can be employed as a cross-platform development app which is one of its main features. If you are someone for whom these features are essential, then you should undoubtedly opt for this emulator.

The emulator software can be easily used to develop and test iOS applications and run them in the emulated environment. Thus, it can be effectively used by app developers who cannot afford a real iOS device.

The emulator has been downloaded over a million times, and the users have been fully satisfied with the services it provides. Its performance and straightforward interface are the features that attract users. The software is also compatible with different resolutions, and you also get to have regular updates with it.


IPADIAN is another iOS emulator that is considered one of the best ones out there. The emulator has been there for download from quite some time now and has since undergone significant improvements in its working.

With the help of this emulator software, you can use various iOS features like Siri, iMessage, TvOS etc. and you also get to have several added benefits. The emulator provides several additional features and much real experience in comparison to other emulators.

Still, there might be some apps that don’t work on this emulator. The developers of the software are working on fixing this issue; thus, shortly, you might be able to access all those software and applications that you need.

The user interface that you get to have with this emulator is very user friendly, and most of the people get used to it very quickly. The emulator is also great for gaming and might be a perfect option for those people who want to indulge in games made solely for iOS devices.


This is another excellent emulator option that emulates for you the iOS facilities as seen on an iPhone X. Appetize.io is great for developing iOS apps and testing them on the platform. It is one of the best and easy to use emulators available for Windows PC users because of its usability.

The only disadvantage that you get to have with this emulator in comparison to others that it has a limited trial period which is of about 100 minutes. After that, you have to choose the premium subscription if you want to keep using the emulator. Though the premium services are paid, the prices are very affordable.

Another feature of this emulator is that you don’t have to download any significant software as the emulator doesn’t make use of an IDE; this is one of those lightweight emulators in the market. This makes sure that it doesn’t occupy much space and gets the job done with ease.

If you are an avid iOS app developer, then you should surely go for this emulator even though it charges you a bit because it is one of the best you can get!


Ripple is one of the most beautiful iOS emulator for PC that you can use. It comes as an extension for the Google Chrome browser so to use the emulator you need to have Google Chrome browser installed in your PC.

The emulator is known to offer a tremendous multi-platform development environment that can be downloaded easily through the chrome extension. It can be used to test and develop all kinds of iOS applications. It can be used to test even the older versions of many apps that are there on the platform.

Since Ripple is a chrome extension, you don’t have to worry about downloading software that takes up a lot of memory space. The emulator is a software with a small size but can be used to do all kinds of work that other emulators can do.

One of the significant features of Ripple is its development tools. There are many ways you can use these to develop and test apps. This emulator was initially developed and designed for the mobile HTML5 application development process and testing.


iMame is another great iOS emulator for PC that you can easily download. The emulator can be used on computer systems operating Windows 10 and has received great reviews from its users. The emulator gets frequent updates, so you don’t have to worry about any sort of bugs lingering in your software.

The emulator is great for those people who are looking for a handy iOS app development platform where they can test and run their apps. The development tools on the emulator are convenient and can be used by users with ease.

The ios emulator is also great if you are someone who enjoys classic arcade games because there are a bunch of them that you can enjoy on your PC. This is undoubtedly an excellent option for those classic game lovers.

If you want an emulator that helps you develop iOS apps and consumes low power and memory from your system, then surely iMame is the one that you should go with. It is also the prime choice for gamers who want to feel nostalgic and enjoy classic games. It is one of those fun emulators out there!

Air Phone

Air Phone is one of those emulators that provide you with an almost real iOS device experience. Thousands of users have downloaded the emulator, and all of them had only positive reviews about it.

The emulator has been designed by using the famous Adobe Air Framework, and thus it has been made so beautiful. Users just love the design they get to have with this emulator. The emulator uses a virtual iPhone screen that gives you the look of an actual iOS device.

The screen gives you the experience of using an iOS device, and this is one of the main features that make the emulator one of a kind. The emulator is also very easy to download and install on your PC.

The emulator has a relatively smaller size when it comes to occupying memory in your computer system and also consumes much less power from your system. Thus, it is one of those emulators that provide you with a very user-friendly performance without wasting anything.

MobiOne StudiOS

This is one of the older emulators that were used to test and develop apps. MobiOne StudiOS has been discontinued but is still a working emulator and is a great one if you solely want to create and test apps, especially if they have older versions then this is the best emulator for you.

The emulator can nevertheless be used to download iOS apps and can be used as a cross-platform application developer that is used to develop apps for iOS as well as android devices. This multifunctionality gives the app a much larger user base, and thus developers tend to use this a lot even though the emulator has been discontinued.

The emulator has an excellent user interface that is catchy, and the performance of the app is greatly improved because of the specialised environment it emulates thus there is no cluttering issue and most apps run with ease on it.

The emulator is also very powerful when it comes to running and rendering apps. It has been used widely by the developers and is one of those known iOS emulators in the market.


This is by far the best and the easiest iOS emulator to use that most of the people have used. The app is so popular on the internet that you may find fake and copied emulators with the same name. Its reviews have been very positive, and people love to use it for any kind of purpose they have, be it gaming, leisure or development work.

There are various reasons why the emulator is so popular. The emulator comes with a hassle-free installation process which is loved by all since people don’t like complicated downloads and installation processes. The emulator is also free and is very easy to use, which attracts a lot of user base.

One other reason that App.io is so popular is the fact that it is so simple. Without any complexities involved, the emulator can be used by practically any user that has little to no knowledge about it. This makes the emulator the first choice among downloaders.

The emulator is also great for people who want to develop cross-platform apps. This makes the emulator even suitable for those who want to use it for serious app development and not just for fun.

Xamarin TestFlight

The Xamarin TestFlight is the only emulator in the list that is owned by Apple and is recommended by it. It was developed by the company so that developers can develop and test their iOS apps even when they don’t own an iOS device. This is a great relief provided by the company.

Though the emulator is a bit confusing and not easy to use on the first go, people start getting the hang of it and eventually love it as they get going. The emulator comes with a clean interface that any Apple product or software is known for.

The emulator has been made so that serious developers can use it for testing their apps, but it doesn’t mean that conventional users cannot use it. There have been many users who use the software for the sake of downloading iOS apps.

The emulator is great for downloading iOS apps with the only limitation that you can download only those apps that are compatible with iOS 8.0 and higher.

Electric Mobile Studio

Last but certainly not the least in this list of emulators is the Electric Mobile Studio emulator. This is an iOS emulator for PC that is also developed for professional app developers. If you are a developer that develops apps for both iPhone and iPad, then surely this is the emulator you need to have.

Due to its intricate design and development features, the app is mostly used by developers who are looking for something serious to get the job done.

You get to have a limited featured free version and a paid version that has all the features but comes with a price tag of $40. The cost may seem a bit too much, but this one emulator can surely cover up all your application development work.

The IOS EMULATORS has very powerful software and makes optimized use of the system hardware to get you the best results and has been used by many professionals out there!


iOS emulators have become popular among users who want to play games that are exclusive to these devices or just want to develop some cool applications. We hope that all your emulator’s problems were resolved and you got the information you needed!

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